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Riverton Leisureplex

Riverton Leisureplex

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Pedestrian Access Gates

City of Canning

Riverton, Western Australia


  • Dual Lane EasyGate SG

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WA PROJECT FEATURE RIVERTON LEISUREPLEX                                                  CITY OF CANNING

Marshall Beattie Automation installed two lanes of Centaman Entrance Control’s EasyGate SG at the entrance to its gym to provide access control into the gym area.

The EasyGate SG is a highly cost effective speedgate that combines glass barriers with optical detection technology to provide a fast throughput with high security.

The EasyGate SG’s glass barriers swing inside the pedestal after a valid card is presented, giving the authorised user a clear lane to pass through. These barriers quickly close behind the authorised person to deter unauthorised entry or tailgating.

Safety is high on the agenda for this speedgate. Infared beams monitor the length of the pedestal to ensure the lane is clear before the barrier attempts to close. If the barriers sense an obstruction, they will stop moving until the obstruction is moved.


The most cost-effective speedgate in the award winning EasyGate range, the EasyGate SG is easy-to-use and versatile to suit any application that requires style and affordability.

The barriers quickly close behind the authorised person, thereby deterring any unauthorised entry or tailgating.

EasyGate SG automatically sounds a local alarm if someone enters without authorisation. Additionally a relay can activate stricter security actions such as triggering CCTV, locking doors, or controlling elevators.

The EasyGate SG features 5 different settings that let you define the size of the safety zone. This allows the EasyGate to be tailored to suit your safety and security requirements.

The EasyGate integrates with fire alarm systems to automatically open in case of emergency. In power fail the gates can either be configured to open automatically or for the
barriers to be released so they can be manually opened with minimal force.

Additionally a battery back up can be supplied to allow continued security in a power fail scenario.

The EasyGate SG is also DDA compliant, meaning your site can effectively and safely cater to all visitors.

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