AK3TX4 Third Generation Maximum Security Remote Control

The AK3TX4 is a third generation secure Airkey transmitter which includes the latest contemporary design cues. Additional features include its rugged IP65 rated dust proof and water resistant housing will full silicone gasket along with a strong chrome plated die cast exo-spine. By utilizing the long established secure Airkey transmission format, the AK3TX4 can be seamlessly integrated to most applications.


The AK3TX4 remote control is the highest security general remote control system available today. Each transmitter is electronically factory programmed with a guaranteed unique and non-repeating serial number and encryption code. It is not possible for a transmitter to be duplicated since the transmitter's full serial number cannot be derived from it's transmissions without prior knowledge of it's secret 64 bit encryption key. Since the transmitter utilises a non linear encryption algorithm, this 64 bit encryption key also cannot be derived from any transmission. Thus the only way to duplicate a transmitter is to guess this number. Even if 1000 numbers were chosen at random every second, it would take over 500 million years to look at all 18 million million million combinations (18 with 18 zeros).



  • Microprocessor based
  • 12VDC operation allowing for battery back-up
  • Non-volatile memory storage
  • All transmitters are guaranteed unique with non-repeating codes
  • All receivers easily learn each remote without the need of clumsy switches
  • The advanced amplifier-sequenced hybrid (ASH) receiver with 2 stages of surface acoustic wave (SAW) filtering provides excellent receiver out-of-bound rejection.
  • All receivers generate virtually no RF emissions, facilitating compliance with ETSI I-ETS 300 220 and similar regulations.
  • Excellent product support



  • Automatic Gates
  • Automatic Doors
  • Automatic Garage Doors
  • Automatic Bollards
  • Automatic Boom Gates
  • Lighting and power control
  • Any application requiring restricted access remote control

Airkey AK3TX4 4 Button Remote

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